HSBC High Yield Fund*

As of 5/31/2020

Quality Distribution

Quality Distribution Fund information and comparison to Benchmark (if available)
Quality Fund
AAA 0.0%
AA 0.0%
A 0.0%
BBB 3.7%
BB 35.7%
B 35.6%
CCC 14.8%
CC 0.3%
C 0.0%
D 0.6%
Unrated 5.2%
Cash 4.2%
Ratings AAA through BBB are considered investment grade, while ratings BB through D are considered not investment grade.

Top Ten Countries

Top ten countries in Fund.
Country Fund
United States 76.5%
Luxembourg 4.1%
Canada 3.2%
United Kingdom 1.9%
Australia 1.4%
Ireland 0.7%
Zambia 0.7%
Cayman Islands 0.7%
Belgium 0.7%
France 0.4%

Sector Allocation

Sector allocation information for Fund and comparison to Benchmark (if available)
Sector Name Fund
Basic Industry 11.6%
Healthcare 10.6%
Energy 9.3%
Media 8.3%
Technology & Electronics 6.8%
Telecommunications 6.8%
Financial Services 6.6%
Leisure 5.5%
Capital Goods 4.6%
Automotive 4.0%

*On April 1, 2019, the HSBC Global High Yield Bond Fund became the HSBC High Yield Fund. Although the fund will no longer invest in a globally diversified portfolio of high yield securities, the fund will invest opportunistically in investments outside of the United States.
**Prior to April 1, 2019, the fund's benchmark was the ICE BofA Global High Yield Index