HSBC Strategic Income Fund*

Overview of share class details including ticker, CUSIP, and inception date
Inception Date July 14, 2015
Fund Assets (as of 5/21/2019) $28.45 Million
SEC Yield (as of 3/31/2019)1 1.82%
Daily Nav (as of 5/21/2019) $10.09
Ticker HBIIX
Cusip 44330V654
Benchmark Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index
Fund Description This actively managed fund seeks to generate income while managing risk throughout the credit cycle. The fund primarily invests in US corporate bonds with the ability to invest in up to 30% non-US companies or governments and in securitized debt, loans and treasuries.
Portfolio Manager Rick Liu
Senior Portfolio Manager
Dividend Frequency Monthly
Maximum Sales Charge 4.75%
Minimum Initial Investment $1 million

*On April 1, 2019, the HSBC Global High Income Bond Fund became the HSBC Strategic Income Fund. Although the fund will no longer invest in a globally diversified portfolio of higher yielding securities, the fund will invest opportunistically in investments outside of the United States, including in global asset-backed securities.
**Prior to April 1, 2019, the Fund's benchmark was the Bloomberg Barclays High Income Bond Composite Index.