HSBC Opportunity Fund

Management Team

HSBC Global Asset Management (USA) Inc. is the Portfolio’s investment adviser. Westfield Capital Management Company, L.P. is the Portfolio’s subadviser. Investment decisions for the Portfolio are made by consensus of the Investment Committee (the “Committee”), which is chaired by William A. Muggia. Although the Committee collectively acts as portfolio manager for the Portfolio, Westfield lists the following Committee members, based either on seniority or role within the committee, as having day-to-day management responsibilities for the Portfolio: William A. Muggia; Ethan J. Myers, CFA; John M. Montgomery; Hamlen Thompson; and Bruce N. Jacobs, CFA. Messrs. Muggia, Meyers and Thompson have been Managers of the Portfolio since 2003, Mr. Jacobs has been a manager of the Portfolio since 2004, and Mr. Montgomery has been a Manager of the Portfolio since 2006.