HSBC Emerging Markets Debt Fund

Overview of share class details including ticker, CUSIP, and inception date
Fund Description The fund seeks to maximize total return (comprised of capital appreciation and income) by investing principally in emerging market sovereign and quasi-sovereign bonds denominated in hard currency (USD) and local bonds
Benchmark 50% JP Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index Global / 50% JP Morgan Government Bond Index — Emerging Markets Global Diversified**
Ticker HCGIX
Cusip 40428X370
Inception Date April 07, 2011
Portfolio Manager Nishant Upadhyay
Head of Global Emerging Markets Debt
Daily Nav (as of 9/13/2019) $9.90
SEC Yield (as of 7/31/2019)1 3.76%
Dividend Frequency Monthly
Share Class Assets (as of 9/13/2019) $52.48 Million*
Total Fund Assets (as of 9/13/2019) $53.93 Million
Maximum Sales Charge None
Minimum Initial Investment $1 million
*On April 10, 2017, the assets of the HSBC Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund were merged into the HSBC Emerging Markets Debt Fund.
**Prior to April 10, 2017, the fund's benchmark was 100% JP Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index Global.
The Fund's local exposure is subject to margin rules imposed by applicable law which currently preclude the Fund from trading in certain uncleared derivatives. The inability to use these instruments may adversely impact the Fund’s performance.