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Nature is capital

The first large-scale investment opportunity to protect nature, and your returns.

HSBC Global Asset Management and Pollination have partnered with the ambition to create the world's largest dedicated natural capital asset management company.

HSBC Pollination Climate Asset Management intends to establish a series of natural investment opportunities, investing in a diverse range of activities that preserve, protect and enhance nature over the long-term, and address climate change.

As the global economy shifts and the race to decarbonise assets, sectors and entire economies intensifies, there is growing demand for nature-based solutions to climate change that also diversify investment risk and offer attractive, long-term returns.

The simple truth is understood: failing to invest in the resilience of nature means failing to invest in the resilience of the economy. Nature is now the most fertile investment we have.

A partnership delivering scale and impact

The partnership between HSBC and Pollination – a specialist climate change advisory and investment firm – aims to unlock natural capital investment opportunities at scale.

The joint venture will leverage HSBC's experience as the world's best bank for sustainable finance1 with Pollination's deep, global expertise in natural capital, mainstreaming natural capital as an asset class.

1 Euromoney winner 2019 "World's Best Bank for Sustainable Finance".

Diversified investment themes

HSBC and Pollination aim to offer investors a wide exposure to global natural capital themes in both emerging and developed markets.

Investment themes will include:

  • Regenerative and sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable forestry
  • Oceans, including sustainable fisheries, coastal restoration and blue carbon
  • Biodiversity and wildlife protection and restoration
  • Nature based projects that generate returns from reducing greenhouse emissions

Measurable Impact

Measurable, additional and long-term impact is a fundamental principle of the investment approach. Each investment opportunity will be evaluated against high environmental standards, and needs to demonstrate the potential to deliver positive environmental impacts over their lifetime.

The potential for natural capital value creation will be quantified at the start of each investment and positive impact targets across six impact areas will be developed. Progress against these targets will be monitored and reported, leveraging an industry leading, proprietary impact measurement tool.

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