Integrating ESG into our investment process

We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into our investment process alongside other factors that can impact a company's performance.

We take ESG factors into account as part of our company analysis and evaluation. ESG principles help us uncover company risks as is consistent with our fiduciary duty.

Our investment professionals use ESG research alongside financial data and other resources to generate sector-weighted ESG ratings. We do not include or retain issuers with the weakest scores in our portfolios without conducting enhanced due diligence.


Policy on investment in cluster munitions and anti-personnel mines

Since 2010, HSBC Global Asset Management has excluded investment in companies linked to the manufacture of cluster munitions and anti-personnel mines from all of its active fundamental equity and fixed income strategies. We extended this exclusion to our index and systematic active strategies in 2015. We have now broadened the scope to include other banned weapons.