Our governance

As a fiduciary with complex responsibilities, HSBC Global Asset Management believes it is fundamental to have a robust and transparent governance framework.

We have a legal entity-based structure that aligns with the countries in which we operate. Each business is ultimately a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings, plc (HSBC Group), one of the largest financial services organizations in the world.

The Board of each of our legal entities includes Executive Directors and a minimum of one Non-Executive Director who serves as the Chair. Non-Executive Directors are sourced from within the HSBC Group and are deemed to be independent provided they do not have line or functional responsibility for any activities of the specific legal entity or any of its subsidiaries. Certain legal entities have Non-executive Directors who are independent from the HSBC Group in order to comply with regulatory requirements and/or local best practices.

Our fund ranges have a Supervisory Body aligned to its respective legal structure, regulatory requirements, and business practices. We believe that where possible these Supervisory Bodies should include members that are independent from the HSBC Group as well as HSBC Global Asset Management members.

Board and Supervisory Body appointments are based on merit and candidates are considered against objective and transparent criteria, having due regard for the benefits of diversity, including amongst other things, skills, experience, age, gender, ethnic and diversity of backgrounds.

HSBC group governance

We are organizationally aligned within the HSBC Group's Wealth and Personal Banking ("WPB") business. As a result, the HSBC Global Asset Management Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") has a direct reporting line to the Global CEO of WPB, who in turn has a direct reporting line to the Group’s CEO. Our senior executives report into the HSBC Global Asset Management CEO with additional functional reporting into lines, where relevant.

Global management structure

Achieving our vision requires the organization to be dependable and to do the right thing; open to new ideas; and connected, as a single global asset management team. Above all, HSBC Global Asset Management and our employees must act with courageous integrity by making decisions in the interests of our clients and other stakeholders, without compromising the ethical standards and integrity on which the organization was built.

The Global Executive Committee – comprising the senior leadership team globally – is responsible for overseeing the implementation of our strategy and ensuring an appropriate control framework and culture is operating effectively. While continually balancing the needs of various stakeholders, the Committee and its members give precedence to client and regulatory needs.

Picture of Nicolas Moreau

Nicolas Moreau

Global Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Christophe De Backer

Christophe de Backer

Global Head of Wholesale & Partnerships

Picture of Pedro Bastos

Pedro Bastos

CEO, Asia Pacific

Picture of Erin Leonard

Erin Leonard

Interim Global Head of Institutional Business

Picture of Joanna Munro

Joanna Munro

Global Chief Investment Officer

Picture of Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer

Chief Risk Officer

Picture of Jeremy Radley

Jeremy Radley

Global Chief Financial Officer

Picture of Edmund Stokes

Edmund Stokes

Global Chief Operating Officer

Picture of Stuart White

Stuart White

Global Head of Strategy and UK & International CEO

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