An integrated global risk and governance framework is central to our organization

We believe that good governance is critical to delivering long-term value for our clients. Governance ensures that our portfolios stay true to their investment objectives and guidelines.

A different approach to governance

In a highly complex and fast-moving world, a strong governance culture is imperative. Through governance we achieve internal and external transparency which in turn becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Our governance principles

  • Strong governance ensures good lines of sight within a business and few surprises
  • Visibility and transparency lead to better decisions and a fuller understanding of risk
  • We are accountable to our clients: we manage their assets with a clear and consistent assessment of risk and opportunity

Our commitment to responsible investing

We invest in and engage with companies committed to delivering sustainable long-term returns.

We expect companies to manage their governance in accordance with the high standards of business conduct we apply to ourselves.

Management structure

Our Global Executive Committee provides business oversight, monitoring and stewardship for the business.

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